Analog vs. Digital

Analogue vs. Digital is a collection where disconnection plays a major role, where both ana­logue and digital techniques are being contrasted. For the analogue outfit screen printing has been used, a method that fits well with this subject due to its manual nature. As for the digi­tal-inspired outfit, sublimation and projection have been used, two very modern techniques. Where the projections take into account the principle that black absorbs light and white reflects. This has been incorporated into the outfit in such a way that it is accentuated in specific places. The designs were also adapted until they played with the shapes of the outfit and the specta­tor’s eyes in the right way.

The guideline for the analogue outfit was round shapes, because, just like the nature of the method, it links back to organic shapes and methods. For the digital outfit, on the other hand, I made use of straight shapes again to make the contrast even greater. I also took this into account when photographing the outfits by placing the analogue looks in a more natural environment and the digital works in a more industrial setting.