Ditu is a project centred around the terms dystopia and utopia, and the way these terms are being linked to one another. During this research, I discovered that one’s utopia is another one’s dystopia and vice versa. After having this realisation I started designing, in which I further studied these contra­dictions.

For the outfit of dystopia, a symbol was needed that although negatively interpreted could also be in­terpreted with a less dark notion. As a starting point, I, therefore, used the seven deadly sins, as they often come with a little less negative connotation, whilst still representing the main thought of the pro­ject. After which I, based on my personal interpretation, illustrated the sins and adjusted the colour schemes to make them less intense in this way.

For the outfit that was supposed to symbolize the utopia, I did exactly the opposite, and I looked for a symbol with a positive connotation, whilst having a darker meaning. I finally chose somewhat old­er Disney illustrations, as these are often surrounded by nasty rumours. Rumours like Walter Disney having his head saved after death, and being an anti-Semitic person. That is why I have chosen to omit the colours and to display the illustrations in black and white, thereby making them a bit dystopi­an in nature.