Wearable Tapestries

Wearable Tapestries puts the relationship we have with our clothing in another perspective and questions the current relation we have with our clothing, within a industry in which we consume and waste too much. This project originated due to an affinity with textile, the making of prints and a interest in the sustainability of the fashion industry.

Is it possible to change our view on clothing by making this multifunctional?

Wearable Tapestries does this by combining fashion and art. Which has resulted in a mixed medium with a double function, making the piece both wearable as a piece of clothing as well as a decorative tapestry.

The piece of clothing has been designed in such a way that that it can be easily transformed into a tapestry. Because of its double function the design asks to question what it is the buyer actually purchases, thereby extending the cycle of usage of the clothing piece/tapestry.

The prints have been inspired by optical prints as well as the concept of the Rorschäch tests, where prints are being abstracted to such a extent that the visual outcome can be interpreted differently by every individual viewer.

In addition, the prints have been designed in such a way that they are less visible up close, therefore letting the pattern speak for the clothing. As for when unfolded as a tapestry, figures and elements can be seen and are being left for interpretation.