In the project Colour-blindness, I looked for a design designed for someone who is colour­blind. The complicated and interesting thing about this is the way I have had to put myself in a world where colour does not exist, even though I could ‘normally’ perceive it myself. Which turned out to be a huge challenge, as I needed to then convert my mindset in such a way that the colours used were working for most colour blind people. 

To better adjust to this con­verted mindset I had to make a plug-in in photoshop to mimic what the colours would look like to a colourblind person. As it was quite difficult to determine what would work best for most colourblind people I talked to a variety of colourblind people within my environment, in order to find the best colour adjustments that would work for most colourblind people. As well as to be sure that my initial concept actually worked.